Sunday, 19 June 2016

Free Math Manipulative

The Kindle Effect: Apart from writing educational materials I also write fiction for children and adults. The first time I published on Amazon Kindle I became aware of a strange phenomenon. People were desperately trying to give away their books for free. More free books are being added daily. I can understand why people do it but to my mind it is counter productive. If you do not value your work why should anyone else? (This is something I have written about in my blog Kindle Authors)

So why give away free software you may ask? 
Good question! 

Introducing maths to children and adults through play, games and open ended tasks and challenges has become something of a mission I am totally committed to. The idea of giving the software away was to create an initial interest. Sadly I believe it's fallen victim of the the Kindle Effect. People seem to equate 'free' with substandard quality material. Let's be honest a lot of free stuff is!

This app does not fall into that category!
You can access it by clicking on the Starship Animated Gif on the sidebar. This will take you to where it can be downloaded.

As promised here is a "How To Use The Software" video:

In the Next Post we look at what is meant by 'play based learning..

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