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The Priceless Gift You Can Give Your Child

"Daydreams And How They Can Empower Your  Child To Read And Learn."

An Unappreciated Ability

It's an all 
too familiar picture, the teacher walks into the room and begins to talk. The child gazes wistfully out of the window drifting far away on an imaginative flight of fancy. Observing the inattentive student the teacher fires a question in her direction. Unable to answer the student is reduced to an embarrassed shameful silence. Hardly the most productive emotional state for learning.

This is the negative image of daydreaming that many of us hold - a hindrance to the learning process. Billy Bunter, the most famous fictitious public schoolboy of all time (after Tom Brown), regularly attempted to extricate himself from the exact same situation with the response "1066 Sir". The law of averages would dictate he was bound to get it right eventually.

What we are doing is effectively denigrating the brain's most powerful ability - 
the imagination.

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The Power Of The Big Picture
Great leaders have always been visionaries able to inspire others with the big picture.

President J F Kennedy had no idea of the technical challenges involved in getting a man to the moon but he motivated people to meet that challenge and succeed.

Dr Martin Luthor King went to the mountain top and others followed.

Winston Churchill inspired Britain to stand firm before the might of Nazi Germany as Europe threatened to slip into darkness.

They painted an irresistible picture in the minds of men through the power of the spoken word. Imagination embraced the dream and the dream became reality.

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Teach Children To Dream Big Dreams

Einstein said "Imagination is more important than knowledge." 
Captivate the heart and mind through the power of the imagination and knowledge will follow. If we are inspired to accomplish something, if the dream is big enough we will acquire the skills and knowledge we need to create the reality we desire.

"The soul," said Aristotle"cannot think without a picture."
The dream is an intangible picture by which we create a tangible future.
Nothing ever happens without a dream.
A man or woman with a clear dream can achieve anything. If your dream is big enough nothing else matters. Walt Disney lived by that truth and children everywhere have enjoyed the fruit of his vision.

That is why the learning process should always begin with an appeal to the imagination. Children should always be given the big picture not asked to follow blindly step by step a well worn path that has been trod many times before.

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Reading: The Big Picture

How can we help children to learn to read? 
Inspire them!
Parents have a crucial role to play. 
Does your child ever see you 'lost' in a book? Do you spend time reading to them so that it becomes associated with a pleasurable, intimate experience? How do you value reading? 

The ability to read fluently is probably one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. Reading enables us to see with the eyes of our imagination beyond the mundane and the ordinary where there are on limitations. 

Edison declared, "I never think in words only picture."

Like Lucy we can stare into the shadowy depths of the wardrobe and glimpse strange and magical worlds.

We can leap into the breaking surf and stand alongside Achilles as he gazes up at the shimmering walls of Troy and dreams of immortal glory.

We can shudder in dark underground caverns as we huddle alongsideBilbo Baggins and listen in terror for the flapping of webbed feet on the cold hard floor.

To deny children entrance to these worlds is nothing short of a crime.

"My Child Is Older And Still  Struggling - What Can I Do?"

Don't get hung up on technical stuff like phonics. 
You need to help improve his reading flow so he can hear himself improving by the day.
The Gift Of Reading includes a reading technique that will show you how.

Phonics? Humbug!

A plea to parents! Leave the technicalities to teachers. 
It's a sad fact that education will always be a political football. 
As I write synthetic phonics is gaining the ascendancy in the U.K.
Don't even ask!  As parents you don't really need to know. Your role is to encourage and inspire. 

Many children will become fluent readers almost naturally regardless of how they are taught. Sadly, there will be others for whom it becomes a struggle or, worse, a source of humiliation. These are the children who need to be motivated not constantly confronted with their own perceived inadequacy compared to everyone else. UK. and U.S. prisons are full of young people who never learnt to read properly and consequently branded themselves as failures or inadequate.

"What Do Children Need To Do To Succeed?"

Hear themselves be successful at reading. It's that simple. Success breeds success.

The Gift Of Reading includes The Listen and Repeat Reading Technique.
Use it with your child regularly and watch his reading flow improve.

The Repeat Reading Technique is not based on any technical knowledge. It does not focus in on failure. It is based on improving a child's reading flow and reflects the results from research into brain-based learning.

You may have noticed I removed the link to the maths software as promised. The Cuisenaire rod app is now only available with 'Child's Play Maths'. I honestly believe giving something away for free often detracts from its true value.

Having said that I hope as a many of you as possible will download 'The Gift of Reading' which apart from invaluable information on how to help your child's language development over that crucial first thirty six months also includes 'The Repeat Reading Technique' for children struggling with traditional approaches to teaching reading.

Next week we will look at games that encourage mental imaging or visualization. This will help speed up their progress in maths considerably.

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